Collection Error 429

I’m running into an odd problem. All of a sudden I’m randomly getting an error code of 429 and all of my Collections are turning red. When I toggle them or test them they work, but the problem seems to keep repeating. Any idea?

This error likely indicates that you are surpassing the api rate limit. Are you on the build (free) plan with Xano? I believe all of the other plans have no rate limit.

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Yep on the free plan. I think you might be right, but they don’t really show you are over limit so kind of hard to know.

Hi @patopt :wave:

Kevin is right, the 429 error is related to rate limits.

For future reference, here’s an article we wrote to help our users understand errors from API requests and workflows.

Thanks Joyce. I didn’t see it earlier, but I do actually see an email now saying that I went over API limit. Somewhat easy to do on their free plan when you are developing/browsing through pages quickly, just good to know.

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