Collection Deleted and Other Strange Behavior with Xano Plugin

I have been using the Xano Plugin and really enjoying it. But there have been a few major issues in the last 24 hours. For one, a collection I created through the plugin was deleted. Fortunately, all of the filters/formulas were easily reapplied when I recreated the collection.

Now, a different collection is being registered as “unknown” by some elements. For example, I have some items set to display if the collection is fetching. Suddenly this morning, that element is not displaying, and says [unknown]=false. The collection still exists, and I was able to fix the issue fairly easily by selecting the correct collection. Just weird that it suddenly was not being recognized.

Hi Kyan,

Can you tell us a bit more? The Xano Plugin is working perfectly in my projects.

For the first experience, what do you mean by “deleted”? You created it but it did not appear in your list of Collections in the Data menu?

For the second experience, it’s really difficult to understand how the project is built and what may have happened here. If it happens again, can you please record a loom walking us through the project?

Sorry about that. We’re not aware of any bugs on the Xano Plugin but we’ll do our best to help asap and improve the UX if it’s a UX issue!

Thanks for your raising this issue, Kyan! Really appreciate it :slight_smile:

Here’s a Loom showing how WeWeb is registering an existing collection as “Unknown”.

For the first experience above, I literally went from having a collection listed in my collections list, that was connected to several elements, to no longer having it listed in the collection list.

Hi Kyan, just reported this as a bug to the team. Thanks

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