Clickable elements and daterange

Hi there,

I already started building nice things with WeWeb, enjoying the speed of coming to good results.

Now I am struggling with some small things, which should be simple, just cannot figure out how to do it:

  1. How do I achieve that clickable elements show the typical “Clickfinger” on mouseover? This is working for buttons, icons etc, but if I add workflows to other elements like containers, Text, etc, the clickfinger is not visible on mouseover. So for the user the element looks not clickable.

  2. Using the daterange element, I want to use the output of the element as input for a backend request. Problem is that the daterange element returns the selected date not in a processable format. It looks like this: “Mon Jul 25 2022 23:59:59 GMT+0200 (Mitteleuropäische Sommerzeit)” → This dateformat is not recognized by Xano. So my question is how can I transform the data to ISO or timestamp format?

  3. Speaking about dates: Is there a way to process a date value, like adding days or minutes to an existing date/timestamp?

Thanks a lot guys :wink:

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  1. Add some custom css to the element

  2. The date element is only presentational.
    to manipulate dates add “date” extension

    so you can find date related formulas

    the formula dateIso will convert a date object into a string in simplified extended ISO format

  3. you can find the formulas for making date manipulation as well


@dorilama Awesome, everything works perfectly!

Though I think the solution with css for clickable elements is not quite straightforward, as elements with an ‘on click’ workflow should show the pointer by default. But the css solution is quick and works, so thanks for that.

Wonderful :slight_smile:

Css pointer can also be set in the settings tab. No need to use custom css. It can also then be bindable.


just found this while looking into date manipulation myself. you the best. thanks for taking the time to document for folks.

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