ChartJS manipulation

Hi all, does anyone know of a way to hide the labels for the charts extension?

Hi, if you’re talking about the legend, it depend of the mode you’re using.

Guided mode => Turn off the legend on the style tab

Advanced mode => Bind an object to the options property with {plugins: {legend: false}}

If you’re talking about the labels on the x or y axis for example, I guess you can only do it if you’re using the advanced mode with the options property => Bind an object to the options property with { scales: {y: {ticks: {display: false}}}}

More options are available, see the chartjs documentation.

Thank you Alexis!! this worked great for one axis but getting errors with multiple axis or adding the legend … for example {scales:{x:{ticks:{display: false}}}{y:{ticks:{display: false}}}}

I think its just a mistypo, here a correct version =>

{ scales: { x: { ticks: { display: false } }, y: { ticks: { display: false } } } }

x and y must be under the same node, separated by a comma :slight_smile:

A } is missing at the end, idk why its hidden in my previous message

Edit : Ah, its because its too long so its adding an horizontal scroll sry