Centering Text and Icon in Button

Prior to a recent update, my buttons had both text and icons center aligned. Now, they appear like this:

I center aligned the text in the button on the left, but that left the icon hanging. The right is as it was when I logged in. I know that I could get that save button over using margins, but I have a feeling that’s going to create a mess for responsive layouts.

Any suggestions?

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We indeed push a fix so that alignement are now working on button (this was a bug before that this was always centered, no matter of the alignement).
Your button are with a fixed size?

It doesn’t seem to be different for me now. How am I supposed to center align the button text and icon?

Hi @kyanaloe , indeed our fix was not taking icon into account. If you refresh your editor, you will see that now icon are aligned with the text :slight_smile: