Cannot change formatting of calendar element

@weweb-team I think you guys ignored this element when it came to formatting options. We cannot change anything in this element. Typography, custom color etc. unlike the rest of the elements. Another snowball effect is that we cannot adjust any parameters for responsiveness. The calendar us pretty much unusable on a mobile device. I hope you will fix this omission soon.

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@weweb-team any word on the orphan component? Do you guys think this is something which can be fixed?

It is such a poorly designed component. It is not responsive. We cannot use a default setting of choosing (I was hoping to use a day setting vs week setting in mobile vs. desktop view). but it seems impossible. Not sure why this component exists?


Could you send us in our chat, a detail feedback of how you would like to improve this element?

We plan to work on it, your feedback will be very helpfull!