Auth0 for auth REST API as a data source

I’ve been having a hard time getting Auth0 to work as an authentication mechanism for a backend REST API.

My misunderstanding might be primarily due to minimal knowledge about JWTs but I think there may be some WeWeb specific topics in here as well.

I’ve gone through the process in the link above, ensured both my Application (WeWeb) and backend are using the RS256 alg, and yet I keep getting the error:

InvalidTokenError: Invalid Compact JWS

When I take the authToken to JSON Web Tokens -, I get an error saying “invalid signature”.

I also noticed that the token in WeWeb doesn’t have a payload (I’m not sure if this is related to the issue above).

Anybody encountered similar issues?

Update with a semi-solution and some information if anyone runs into the same problem!

The access token you get in WeWeb is actually an opaque token (not JWT format). Access Tokens.

The more appropriate guide for setting this up is found here:

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