Api secured by Auth0, how to get authorization token to send along?

Our Weweb application is using Auth0 for authentication. It has forms that are submitted through workflows with REST API actions to an API that we have developed and is also secured by same Auth0 account.
How can I get an Authorization token to send along with API calls?

Hi Bruno!

How technical are you?

Currently, it’s not native to our Auth0 plugin but you could add an action with custom JS to your workflow in WeWeb to get the Authorization token from cookies.

I’ve shared your request with our product team. It’s something we could add to the Auth0 plugin but I’m not sure if it’s something we can prioritize at the moment.

I’ll investigate and keep you posted :slight_smile:

Thanks. I’m a programmer for 15+ years, so I suppose I’m somewhat technical. Yes, it would be great if that was available as part of the auth0 plugin. But I’ll get from the cookies then. Just couldn’t test because my Auth0 integration is not working fine. I’ve posted another question on the forum about this.

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I see that WeWeb team has put now the accessToken as an Auth0 variable. Issue solved. Thanks

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Hi @brunoconleite, yes! We released that update last week thanks to your feedback :slight_smile:

The changelog is going out today. Glad you found it before! :grinning: