Airtable update record action is sending unwanted data to Airtable

Seeing some strange behavior in a workflow action to update an Airtable record.

As you’ll see in the screenshot, my update record action is sending data for 3 fields that I have not told it to update: colors, product-template-variants, and collectionImage.

Coincidentally, I have another identical workflow action (that runs on different conditions) that is working correctly as expected (not sending data for these 3 fields).

Is this a bug or am I missing something?

Here’s a screenshot of the other workflow that is working correctly. As you’ll see, (or at least best I can tell) it’s configured the same as the previous screenshot, and is only sending update data for newJSON (not the other 3 fields).

Hi @clncsports :wave:

At the moment, when you update an Airtable record, the fields you leave empty will be updated as empty fields in Airtable.

This will change soon with a new update that allows you to select which fields you want to update and let the others unchanged.

In the meantime, you’ll need to do a little extra work and bind the fields you don’t want to update with their current value :confused:

Thanks, Joyce! In that case, how come my other update actions are working to only update the fields I want? Like the second screenshot I shared where my only payload item is the newJSON field.

My solution here ended up being to copy/paste my working action from one workflow (2nd screenshot) into the other, which inexplicably works as I want.

Nonetheless, sounds like a good clarifying update on the way. Thanks!

No idea! The expected behavior at the moment is that all fields are updated, even if left empty.

The update is coming with the next push to production so very soon :slight_smile: