Issue adding record to airtable from form

Hi there, I am having some trouble with the form submit function, to create a new record in Airtable.

I am building the workflow on the form itself and am using the submit button type. The collection is configured and refreshed.

The “Test Workflow” function successfully sends the record to Airtable, but the submit button click in preview mode (or published website) is not sending the record to Airtable.

Any clues as to why?


Can you try with the default “Submit Action” => “None”?

Not sure but I think the fact it’s currently set as “Airtable” may be causing a conflict with the workflow.

Hi @Joyce Thanks. I tried changing this variable but it still is not working as I would expect. Is there any documentation on form submission?

I did some further unsuccessful tests.

How are these states actually triggered:

Can I change this variable in a workflow to show success or failure of submission?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Barrie,

This form state dropdown is a legacy option that we need to remove.

Best practice now is to have two containers that you display based on a form state variable triggered by a workflow.

However, you won’t be able to catch form errors right now. Our dev team is finishing the code for this today. It’ll take a little while longer to be reviewed and pushed into production :slight_smile:

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