Airtable: conditon for creating or updating record

I am trying to create new airtable record OR update already existing one when there is any record for some key value (email etc) already exist in table.
is it possible to achieve this in single action?
I am able to trigger airtable create and update actions individually only.


Hi @Yogendra!

At the moment, there is no branching in the workflows to check if the value exists and use a if/else branch to determine whether you create or update a record.

However, you can achieve what you’d like to do by “cheating” a little bit: you could have several submit buttons on your form (create, update) and bind the display of each button to a formula that checks if the key value is true or false.

Then in you could create one workflow that triggers on click of the create button and one workflow that triggers on click of the update button.

Let me know if that helps.

In any case, I’ve added your request to our user research so we have the information when we decide when to prioritize the branching option in the workflows :slightly_smiling_face:

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