Accordion element default state

HI all,

I am using an accordion element in a collection list. I am not able to figure out how to change the default state of the accordion element. As soon as the user lands on the page, the accordion is open by default. I want it to be closed so that summary of relevant items is visible and those who wants to see the details can open it up.

Any suggestions on how to keep it remain closed as default state?

Hello hsatl,

Do you use our accordion element? By default, this element is close, even in a collection list

@Mael yes, I am using the weweb accordion element. Simply dragged and dropped on the canvas. No customization or custom script. Is there a simple setting I am missing somewhere?

Are you sure you filled the right flexbox with the right data ? Accordion uses 3 flexbox :

  1. first flexbox replace the second flexbox after clicking on the accordion element
  2. middle flexbox display what user see when he lands on the page
  3. last flexbox display data after you click on the accordion

You might have enter data in the middle flexbox instead of the last one

Yes, nothing to do normally, it’s supposed to be close by default. And it’s impossible to modify the default behaviour

@stagiaire let me check. Thanks.