2 questions about filtering

Hey all happy sunday! Have a couple of questions I’d appreciate help with:

  1. I want this filter to change the hospitals shown, depending on the state chosen in the multiple choice drop-down. There are about 4600 in the database. I’ve configured to make a ‘get’ request to my api, dynamically depending on what the state is. However, when I change the state in the filter, the results do not alter. How do I make the table change results depending on what “state” is chosen in the filter? Is it right to make a new API call? Or should I call all 4600 results initially?


  1. When I search a hospital name, it only shows that facility. However the paginator doesn’t decrease its number. It still shows all the pages, but they are empty. How do I make the number of pages referenced in the paginator decrease when results are narrowed down by search filter?

You set an “On change” Workflow for your select and use “Fetch collection” to fetch your desired collection and please, apply the filters on the backend as much as possible :slight_smile:

What backend? :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for helping on part 1 I’ll review it. Backend is Xano.

Dang, can’t help with that one, I use Supabase only, there it’s fairly simple, you just bind it. As for Xano, I’d suggest looking around in the forum, I’m 100% positive that someone must have mentioned this somewhere.