Xano DB Query with 100k+ Records

I’m trying to query a xano db and the collection I want to fetch has 133k records. I’m getting an error trying to query the database, but I think the error is on Xano’s side.

Does anyone know what the best way to fetch all of these items?

Just to give some more info, it’s a list of schools in the US. I want the user to select the school that pertains to them. Should I show all schools in a dropdown? Or what’s the best way to let users select the school?

I think you should show the options only after they have searched it/type something. You should use the ‘Search’ element as there is a built in delay function, which only show results after they finish typing and delay for the defined time. After that, put a limit on the requests, and add show more button to show more as they scroll to the bottom of the lists. This is best use case for large list

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