Wow! Big Workflow Upgrade!

I haven’t dug in yet, but this looks like a huge workflow upgrade! Congrats!


100% agree with this.

Super happy to have the workflow branching.

Congrats to the weweb team!! :grinning:


Absolutely AWESOME. This just took WeWeb to a whole new universe. Looks great. Way to go WeWeb team!

One minor suggestion that I was holding off on until this release …

How about adding the current_error object right to the error pane? Right now, during testing on the page if the workflow fails, you have to add an action in the error path, then click into the error to see it. It would make things cleaner and quicker error testing.


Very great update. Congrats Weweb team!


Thanks for the kind words everyone, it was a big release we have prepared for a few weeks now.
Thanks for the feedback @kevinwasie I push your comment to the product team :).

Enjoy your branching everyone :). I will be happy that you share your most complex ones, or just the ones impossible to do before this release.

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This is awesome!

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