What is the action trigger Component Action

How to use the Component Action inside Workflows? What can we do with it?

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Hi @bongoumedia :wave:

It’s an action you can use to trigger actions when you’re using a component that has actions defined in their configuration file.

All our components are open source and available on GitHub so, when in doubt, you can check their configuration their. If you really want to have fun, you can also build your own WeWeb components with your own config files but that’s a story for another day :smile:

To give you an example, let’s look at the video element.

We can see 3 actions in the config file of the video element:

This means that, if we’re using the video element in the WeWeb UI kit, we can potentially trigger these three actions to:

  • play the video
  • pause the video, or
  • navigate to a specific time in the video

It can be great if you want to design custom controls to match your brand for example.

Here’s a video walking you through the process :slight_smile: