New components: Call component workflows from outside?

As you mentioned in your presentation, modules should be used to capsule logical processes. But therefore it is essential to interact with the component.

You already said you want to integrate an exposure of internal values to the outer app which is great but I think we should also be able to trigger workflows of a component from outside.

  • The easiest way would be to expose the workflow as a component action. Then we can use it in app workflows. Any plans on that?

  • I thought about just changing the input parameter of a component but you can’t add a change of an parameter as a trigger in the component workflow.

  • And then the last idea would be to use a “hidden” field with the parameter as init default and a trigger oninitchange on the hidden field. Just tested that works but is very oldschool.

Or is there any other workaround? Otherwise, I am simply not able to capsule my logical processes…

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Exposing component actions is on our plan, like we do for custom code component. It requires a bit of rework of this feature globally (to support repeat and then component which are by nature several instances on the page), this is why this is not here on the first batch.

We are also thinking about adding watcher feature, inside component, and globally which will solve the problem of beeing notify of parameter change.

This sounds like a very good plan!

Maybe just postpone the markeplace release and complete the components features instead? I think it is now also very difficult to offer good components on a marketplace with some essential features missing…

We will work on both in the same time. We wanted to release a first version as fast as we can so people can start playing with it and help us evaluate which use case will be dominant and the best way to implement the features missing to achieve it.

It’s obviously not the final states of components, it’s an early version and the end goal is to achieve features-parity with what you can do with a coded components !

Thanks for your feedbacks :slight_smile:

Do you think this will bring breaking changes for custom code components that use actions?

Thank you as well. You are doing such an amazing job. I am sure if you keep going weweb will be the number 1 tool for no/low code web creation… its the best out there in many regard already…

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No, it will not change how it is implemented inside component.
But more how we implement it inside the editor. I hope it will add the possibility to have action on repeated elements.

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Oh yes!
Action in repeated elements!
Combined with exposed values on repeated elements and we are gold!

Retool did that in a not so stupid way by putting instances of repeated objects in an array with matches the repeater array.
So if you have a text element nested in two levels deep you can reach it with element[level1][level2]

Maybe as inspiration =)