What are the upcoming templates for Weweb?

… just curious. :stuck_out_tongue:

Would love a community template! Somewhere where app users can come together, post threads, post images / files, reply to each other, like posts, connect with other user profiles, and engagement leaderboards.

That would be really useful to show how we can use Weweb to build apps that have user to user interactions, like social networks.

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Hey :slight_smile: I’m actually gonna be doing a series where I’ll be deep cloning Linkedin


Oo, sounds cool. Look forward to it! What I’m more of asking here is the template though so I can clone it into my app instead of having to build everything from scratch. Haha

If it goes well enough, we might be able to ask WeWeb to clone it to you. But that’s a distant future for now :slight_smile:

Love the idea! @luka, what do you think?