Weird loading issue on mobile

When I scroll down on mobile, this is what I see (1/3 of the screen is whitespace). After I get to this point, the app refreshes and kicks me back to the top.

This wasn’t happening before and I’ve tried debugging for a few hours without any success, any thoughts or suggestions?

I have the same problem with displaying on mobile. Scrolling doesn’t work and it sems like my app has cutted screens

Hopefully we can find a solution soon!

Which mobile and browser are you using @George & @shrek ?

Any browser on any platforms. This problem is not just my. All our users have the same issue.

Пн, 22 мая 2023 г. в 17:23, Quentin Durantay via WeWeb Community <>:

Exactly the same issue.

Could you report the bug on ? We’ll fix this asap