Visibility condition on modal

I am trying to set this alert condition for all the cards I have in the list collection. In where if the last comment is less than 1 that the modal is true, that is to say that it appears. But as far as I can see it is taking the details (0) that is to say the first one and it is taking this condition for all the cards. How could I say that it needs that the conditions are independent for each card.

I would like this condition to be present in all the cards that exist in the collection list. But it is taking only one, in the case of the image the detail zero and replica for the other cards.

You need to bind your condition to the repeat context, not the data itself :slight_smile:

you say I should add it to the card collection list? But this condition should be triggered when a “finished” button is pressed. In that case I should check the general condition, right?

In your workflow, on the if action, you can replace your condition by context.item['last_command'] instead of details[0]['last_command'] (if your are repeating details on the parent).

If you want to display the same modal for each cards, you can create a variable containing your card it for example, and bind everything in the modal on this variable. When you click on your card you set the variable to the id of the card.

I am not sure if i understand your usecase, if not, can you please give me more details on your context :)?