View variables on sidebar is not working

I am new to weweb and can’t wait to be fluent in it. It seems the tools is super powerful and can enable to create amazing webapps in a fraction of the time.

I have a question, when I am on a page with a collection list fetched from xano database and I click on one Item, I don’t see the current variable value. Why is that?

As I understood in Build a job board with Xano (backend) and WeWeb (frontend) – PART 2

I should see the variables that are selected when I click on it.

Actually, I see this

With Datagrid fake data, that I don’t know where it comes from and no variable change if I click on any object. Also my list starts with From project as in the demo from Joyce it starts with From Website.

Does anyone know what happens, should I set up something special?

I need this to create dynamic page when I click on the item of my collection list. Struggling with is as it seems I cannot generate the ‘selectedJob’ Joyce is mentionning.

Thanks for your help


Hello @sylvain,

If I understand correctly, you have created a collection list fetched from Xano database. You have one variable “Data from page” and you want to see the selected item in this variable.

Firstly, this variable need to be an object : {}
After you can create a workflow “on click” on your card. And thanks to action “change variable value”, you can set data from your card in this variable
It’s explain in this part of the video: Build a job board with Xano (backend) and WeWeb (frontend) – PART 2 - YouTube

To create dynamic page, I advise you to follow this tutorial: 🏓 Dynamic Collection Item

Hope it helps you, don’t hesitate if you have more questions