Validating two inputs agaisnt each other? (Max must be > Min value)

I have two elements that make up a min and max range value. I want to make sure max value is always > min value, but I can’t figure out a way to delay the input’s value changing unless a user tabs/enters/clicks out of the element. I thought a hacky way would be to have a workflow where there’s a delay before the max < min check and if so, it resets the value.

But the UX is a bit weird if you have a large min number and you are slow to type the max, you’ll get zeroed out (unless the debounce is set higher)

Anyways, not sure if that makes sense. But if there was a way to delay the actual input value from changing unless an action is taken (enter, clickout,etc) then I think that would make it easier to do what I’m trying to do?

I also thought using an init value change workflow would solve this, but this doesn’t seem to work (at least, if the value starts off as null)

you need the value to change to be correct, or just have validation/error message inside a form?