On Change Input Event.Value incomplete

Hey Team,

I have some inputs in a form.
For each input, there’s a Workflow on change that updates only this value in my DB (SupaBase).
There’s a debounce set on those input (initially 400ms now 1000 ms) for those input.

I witnessed incomplete or obsolete data popping in the DB.
I was wondering if it was a raise condition issue, so I logged my variables when triggering workflows.

I now know that it’s the event.value that’s incomplete.


As you can see: my current value in the input is “Pas de PO” while my last logged value is “Pa” (leading to confusion :cry:).

Why does the event.value in my input change is not the reflect of the current value?
I would really like to trust this value.

Have a nice day.


There is two way to read a value:

  • From the event object
  • From the element variable

Which one are you using?

Hey @aurelie

Thanks for taking the time.
I’m using the event.value in the lightening bolt menu. Am I wrong to do so?

Have a nice day.


@flo & @aurelie any update on this?
Have a nice day.


Are you using a delay on your input? We have log a bug about this a few days ago

Yes indeed, Flo showed me how to put a debounce on my input to give half a second to the user before saving the value.
Glad to know something is up. I was driving crazy :smiley:

Can you confirm to me that

  • Its working fine without the debounce
  • With the debounce the event.value is incorrect and/or the element variable is correct? Are you inside a repeat? (and so no element variable)

Thanks for your time, it help us debug the situation by cleary identify the problem :slight_smile:

Hey Aurelie,

Thanks for your reply.
I don’t know if it’s working fine without the debounce. It was just a hint of mine.
Yes I am in a loop in a collection, but even without loop I see the same bug.

I’m just out of a video call with @flo who indicates this should be fixed now.
I’ll test myself as soon as my Supabase is up to it (another unrelated issue).
Please feel free to take a look by yourself if you want. Flo knows the project.

Have a nice day.