userRoles is SupaBroken

[Using Supabase Auth Plugin]
I made a video demonstrating this bug.
When you create a new userRoles within the WeWeb UI, WeWeb is posting with the following body -

    "id": <>,
    "userId": <user_id>,

That means that you can’t assign a role to more than 1 person. Which is not what a role is meant to do.

I was very surprised to see no one else had reported this already? Is no one else using the supabase auth plugin? or does no one actually have any users?

I can’t onboard anyone until this gets cleared up - luckily its probably 1 line of code in the plugin. thanks


assigning a role to a user generates a row in userRoles

What should happen
a new and random is generated by postgres default function uuid_generate_v4()

What actually happens
weWeb passes userRoles.roleld as an argument for when constructing userRoles

Hey @flo

Is this linked to the bug we found this week where you can only give a role to one user.
When I gave your user an admin role, my user lost it.

Available for testing.


Same for me. I do not use this configure meanwhile.