Update on reusable components?

Hey everybody

I wanted to quickly ask the WeWeb Team what the timeline for the reusable components is?
I saw the announcement video from December '22, but couldn’t find it on the public roadmap (or is it part of the design system ticket?). Was this deprioritized?

Would love to have this feature, as it would make the building process more streamlined and integrates with general dev guidelines (DRY).



Counting down the days for this one! :crossed_fingers:

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Hey, thanks for asking! That’s a big one :slight_smile:
We are working on it as we speak. We hope it will be available to everyone within the next 6 weeks.

Bare with us!


killer :fire:

Eager to see. This will be perfect and will make building and maintaining apps a lot faster.

6 weeks have now passed, are there any new news since you wrote this?

We plan on shipping a V1 (consisting of Webflow-like classes) in a month.

That’s a huge technical and UX subject for us, hence the delay :pray:


Any plans to release this to users before then - as a beta testing phase?

If so, sign me up please

Looking forward to this.

I had not seen the video before, I am wondering if in the future, after I create my component and add an instance of it to my app page, could I add additional configuration for that specific instance of the component?

So maybe the component has some base Properties, variables and triggers, but then once I add it to my page, can add additional instance specific Properties, variable and triggers?

The use case here is to 1. override some properties for this specific use of the component and 2. be able to extend the component instance on the page, all without impacting the templated component (as it is used in other places on the application)

Secondly, I would love to see an action type that allows you to add a component to the page. Then I could allow my users to click on a button and the component is added as they need it.

Looking forward to the release later in the year.

has there been an update on this?


Excited for this as well.

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Any update on this ?

i cant stress enough how important this feature is, i have an ERP project with more than 8 modules and each module has around 10 - 15 components.

if i have to create the exact same component more than 8 times → if there is a change even in just one single component → we have to go over ALL the modules to change those same component.

it is VERY hard to maintain projects like this and im pretty sure weweb team knows this already.


Hi @liam_putra triple upvote on this one! We are experiencing the same bottleneck. That maintainability struggle is also something we are facing.

Posted on it recently → Best practices - Big project

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Just saw the video about it and was wondering why I couldn’t find the feature in the editor or in the documentation… :crazy_face: I think this feature is very essential for building maintainable webapps!

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Hey everybody.

@flo, our CPO, did mention this during our latest Office Hours: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y38TBpBOM8c

TL;DR: it should come by November, along with the marketplace :wink:


Following as well +10 (for maintainability and sanity!)


@Quentin can you clarify what exactly will come in November? We our planning a design system refresh and this would be helpful.

Is it just reusable components that you can create an instance of, like reusable sections today?


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You’ll have the possibility to create components entirely in no-code (no more VueJS dev, except if you prefer). These components will encapsulate their own logic (workflows, variables, CSS classes, etc).

You’ll be able to use them as parents, so that if you update them, they’ll be updated in every project using them if needed.