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Over the past few months - close to a year - we’ve been intensively building a SaaS solution on WeWeb (Xano backend). The project is (very) big and includes a large number of custom components and complex (workflow) logic. We are at a point that it becomes challenging to maintain - keep ‘clean’ - variables, workflows, functions, pages, … There is duplication, little reusability, … It created a ‘technical debt’ due to the speed of development; the development team size, our limited knowledge of WeWeb (in the beginning) and fast product iterations on our side. We have a team of six (6) front-end developers (WeWeb) working on this project simultaneously.

We’ve come to a point that we need to address these challenges and maximize reusability - this includes (rigid) coding/building conventions, DRY (don’t repeat yourself) and a ‘component’ guide (implementation, correct version, …) and other methods to prevent and reduce this ‘debt’.

I am sure we are not the only one facing these challenges. Hence this post to reach out to other WeWeb power users and share our experiences, best practices, ideas, … on how to best manage big projects in WeWeb, managed by large teams, in a constant state of change.

Looking forward to get into contact with software companies, agencies and others, power using WeWeb and experiencing similar challenges on large WeWeb projects.

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Following this one^^ I also want to get the latest update and ask for more documentation on best practices for larger projects rather than small simple applications, which is a big dealbreaker for whether we want to move forward with Weweb.

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Following +1

I’m developing an app with WeWeb & Xano, and like you all, I quickly started running into the challenge of keeping things organized.

I started using a spreadsheet to document it all.

Role sheet:

  • Page list
  • Columns for each role indicating which pages they have access to, and for the User Group they belong to

Collection sheet:

  • Xano Collection title
  • Xano API endpoint name
  • WeWeb app page(s) they’re used on

Variable sheet:

  • Xano table
  • Xano column
  • Corresponding WeWeb variable
  • Corresponding WeWeb element name

If you’re working with a team, a Google Sheet that every team member has access to might work, and you can view history of who edited, etc.

If you’re looking to up your project management beyond a spreadsheet, you might consider something like with calendars, Gantt charts, project tables & deadline management, etc.


definitly some valid points. we also need some guidance