Trouble Logging In User

So basically, I’m trying to login a user with Xano. However, I’m having trouble. I can sign users up, that works, I can see they’re being signed up, and they’re also going to the next page, so that part works. But for some reason, the logging in part doesn’t work - and doesn’t go to the next page. Here’s what the sign up functionality looks like:

Here’s the login workflow:

Here’s what happens when I test the login workflow:

Here’s what my request history looks like when I attempt to sign a user in:

And the final image:

From the looks of it, your Xano endpoint is erroring out. If you expand one of the POST with the 500 internal server error messages, it should say why e.g ‘X does not exist’

EDIT: most likely its related to the precondition referencing ‘user’ with a lowercase U, whereas your variables is defined with uppercase U

It says this:

Why is this happening?

Make sure the Get Record from User has ‘password’ checked in its output.

If thats already checked, its possible the Validate Password function has incorrect inputs. Sometimes xano might treat ‘User.password’ as text instead of a reference to the variable.

You are using only numeric characters in password.
The default settings in Xano requires a minimum of 8 characters, 1 alphabetical character, and 1 numeric character.