Testing dynamic links in oreview mode

Hi there,

I have setup two pages in webweb (free edition). One with a collection list of items a one detailed page with url lath variable to fetch a specific item.

I configured a button on the collection list record to navigate to the detail page,I assign the item id to the url path variable. I used a filtered collection by id (current page url path variable) to fetch that specific record.

When I tested it in preview Yesterday it seemed to work, but today when I clicked on a button of one of the list items, I do navigate to the detail page, but data is not refreshing directly. Only when I manually refresh data collections the correct data is displayed on de detailed page.

My question: should dynamic links work in preview mode?

Hello !

From what I understand, it sounds like you set up a dynamic collection page.

If that is the case then, yes, the dynamic links should work in preview mode.

Could you share a video walking us through how things are set up in your project so we can try to help you figure out what’s going on?

Hi Joyce,

Thanks for reply. I figured out what was wrong. I had preserve on navigation enabled. Turning it of made it work

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Ah perfect, well done! :raised_hands: