Table Element Not Honoring Pagination

I’ve got an odd problem. I’ve set max returned objects to 6 in my data source (xano) - You can see it working properly in this screenshot.

I then am using a table element to display this data, and I want to paginate it. However somehow the table element is not honoring the max returned items per page.

Here you can see 8 rows being displayed and the pagination widget just going to default.




I have tried quite a few things here, but am wondering if this is possibly a bug?

Actually one update on this, I turned off formatting in the Data Sources and it actually looks like pagination is maybe not working at all with Xano results?


I’m experiencing this problem as well, not sure how to fix it

Hi @patopt :wave:

Are you trying to set pagination on the backend side or on the frontend side?

i.e. would you like Xano to send 6 items at a time to WeWeb or would you like Xano to send all the items to WeWeb and restrict the display to 6 items in WeWeb?

Trying to do this on the frontend side with Weweb.


Ok great, I’m having the same issue in one of my projects. Let me check with the team and get back to you asap.

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Ah! My bad! Just remembered for the pagination you need to bind to the collection name not collection name [‘data’]

Sorry, it’s been a long day! :sweat_smile:

I’ve included a warning in the user doc but it’s still not obvious. Need to think of a message to show in-app to avoid the confusion.

That looks to have done the trick, thanks!