Bad results with paginated Xano request

I have a Xano request with backend pagination set up per this article:

My collection has 7229 items.

Unfortunately, I am seeing some unexpected results.

When the page is first loaded, the paginator correctly displays:


If I click on page 73, the paginator INCORRECTLY displays:


And if I click on page 250, I see:


I like infinity when it comes to money, but not pages in a paginator :grinning:

Can someone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot? I have the page in question on a published domain.


It’s very difficult to see why you have this issue, could you come in private chat and share your project with us to see directly in your editor?

Sure. Happy to do it. Do I have to schedule it in advance or just click the 1:1 chat button in the dashboard? Does timezone matter?