SVG Logo miracle transformation

Hi everyone

I am exhausted :smiley:

I am trying to solve one issue with the SVG logo on my application. I have spent many hours trying to find the solution to this case.

I checked my pixel-perfect design for different devices; after that, I opened the Safari browser on my physical phone, and my logo moved right.

On the screen, you can see metamorphose of my logo.

Could someone explain how I can solve this bug?

Guys, please help me.

Could you report a bug on ? We’ll have a look asap

Hi Quentin.

Already did it
I am waiting 3 days :crazy_face:

Thank you

This is an issue with iPhones where some CSS is interpreted differently from Chrome and other desktop browsers.
Change the width of logo on mobile to set a fixed width instead of auto, it should solve the issue.

The team is working as fast as possible on bug fixes :wink:

3 days is still very short :slight_smile: