Supabase Auth user email confirmations on signup

Super basic question but I am stuck. I have added the Supabase auth plugin and set everything up. I’ve implemented the Sign Up and Log In widgets on pages. I’ve linked to role type tables and everything looks promising. However, when I add users manually, they still don’t show up in WeWeb as users (shows no users). When I test the SIgnUp and enter an email and password, click submit, in the Workflow the box is red. When I look at the log, it says error in sending the email confirmation. However, I cannot find the configurator for sending email confirmations anywhere. I’ve watched the latest video on Supabase auth and there is no mention of a separate setup for sending the confirmation email. I’ve checked Copilot but it just spins. I have to be missing something? It can’t be this hard?

I’d suggest re-checking your configuration

Config where though? The url and keys that I entered enable WeWeb to pull in my roles table just fine. Is there any help documentation that shows where I can even look at the email config? Thx