Stripe plugin - not working with subscription prices


I’ve been using the official Stripe plugin and it’s been working well with “standard pricing” products i.e. the simplest ones a fixed fee multiplied by a quanitity. Refer to the screenshot.

However, I’m trying to use a monthly recurring subscription with tiers i.e. a “graduated price”. Refer to the screenshot.

When I try to setup the Create payment intent action, and replace the Price Id from the standard pricing to the graduated price configuration and run a test, the plugin returns an error relating to quantity (I think). Refer to screenshot. Note, I’ve tried multiple different quantities from variables to hard coding but it doesn’t work.

Any advice please.

Here’s the 2nd screenshot.

And the final one.

Have you tried filling the customer as well?

If it’s not working you need to contact weweb team with the internal chat in the editor.

My guess is that the create intent request is made using the unit_amount of the price, but in your case you have the amount in the tiers of the price.

Thanks - I haven’t tried filling in the customer as I don’t have a customer Id at this point. This is a new shopping cart, unless I’m missing something here. It’s working without a customer when not using tiered pricing.

I have raised a ticket.