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I love the product, but I’m encountering some issues with data loading. I’m trying to build a tool aggregator, and for SEO purposes, I need to create a static CMS collection. Why can’t I select ‘static’ when creating a new collection? I’ve set up a table in Supabase that isn’t real-time and I’d like to extract data from it.

Currently possible only if you use rest api to call Supabase and save it as a static collection.

Got it. Thanks!

@Broberto Do you have any tips or tutorial on how to do that?

It’s fairly simple. I might be able to send a guide in a few hours.

@Broberto Thanks would appreciate it a lot.


Did you had a time to send that guide? Loom video or etc, could help a lot.

Hey! I’ve wanted to do it yesterday, but I found some issues/bug and I asked WeWeb Team about it, I might have an answer today. I haven’t forgotten about you) It’s hopefully coming, once I get an answer from them. Do you have RLS on that table? If not then we could do it even without the answer from them.

I don’t have RLS. I don’t have a lot of experience with RLS and these type of databases (I come from Bubble and Webflow).

I’m building an tool aggregator. Would RLS is needed in this case, as people could look at tool information without any permissions?

I will record a video for you tonight when I come from work. How many records are you expecting to have?

A lot, it could be up to 4000, but in the front page I’m planning to show 16 + load more.

As of now, you can do up to 3000 prerendered records within a static collection on WeWeb. There is coming some update that will make SEO more powerful very soon though.

Hmm okay, this isn’t the best. I decided to go with WeWeb, because webflow has a limit of 10000, so it wouldn’t be a problem in the future…

Anyways, I’m still interested on how to do it.

It’s gonna be a lot more soon, but for now, it’s a little limited. Comparing webflow to weweb is not the best, but yeah, in terms of amount for now webflow seems to be a better solution.

Hi @david :wave:

Here’s a video on how you can fetch data from Supabase using the REST API plugin.

Note that I tested my request in Postman on a table without RLS before moving into WeWeb because I wanted to make sure I found and understood the API request I was making without needing to worry about security policies and the WeWeb interface.

It’s something I generally find helpful because it helps me isolate where I’m going wrong.

Let me know if this helps!

@Joyce Thanks! Got information from your team, that Static pages have limit of 500, but you’ll have really soon SEO settings for dynamic pages. I’ve decided to continue with dynamic pages.

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