Something happen overnight to impact margins and item sizes?

Hi there.
I just went into edit our page and there were a few things styling wise that are off:

  1. the logo was missing
  2. the sizes of images changed, or maybe it was the element iteself - not sure.
  3. the horizontal margins stopped working – actually this might be causing all the issues.
  4. The sizes of elements like icon changed
  5. The sizing on icons is not working property. Setting a 1:1 ratio is creating something different than 1:1 now.

Was there some update overnight that could have changed these items?

Take a look at looms

For the logo, the file is available, but the processing that is being done on it must not be rendering an image.

This does not work:


But, this does:


I’m facing similar issues, thought it was just me

Hi both, just informed the tech team about this. They’ll look into it asap.

Hi all,

The issue should be resolved.
Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m still experiencing some of the issues, including:

  • Pixelated image (shows up fine in Editor)
  • Spacing looks different than original design

Do I need to publish the app again to see the issue resolved?

Yes, can you publish again and tell me if everything is fine ?

I published, still same problems.

The issue on the image processing is still happening.

Some of the margin errors were fixed. But some still remain.

I think it has something to do with margins on blank containers.

I’m not entirely sure if its just impacting that though ^^

Loom example of margin error:

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Thank you for letting us know, Kevin!