Some images do not work

Some images I upload to the system do not work, not sure why, they are created in Figma, some are old, some are new.
It is related to the file names, and I couldn’t find a way around it.

I am using slugs in my collection to connect to the image files, and I do not want to rename my slugs because of this issue. Also it is very random.

Anyone knows the reason?

When I upload the image again, it seems to work, without any edits to the image.

Looks like the file name gets contaminated in Weweb system and becomes unusable, not sure why but even if I delete all 3 images here and upload again, the first image is always broken. Definitely not a file related issue.

Also attaching the file if someone wants to give it a try.


Could you create a bug ticket on ? We’ll fix this asap

I already found a workaround and this morning files appeared properly as well… I will open the ticket but this is more of a timing issue about the CDN not processing files properly, cache or something.


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