Solving a status 400 error message

How do I solve this error?

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Hey @Josh_32 :wave:

The 400 error suggests there’s a problem with the request made.

Some things you might want to check:

  • what type of data is Xano expecting for each field? (e.g. text, number, attachment, etc.)
  • are you sending that type of data from WeWeb? (e.g. the file upload URL is a text input, sending it to an attachment field in Xano will not work)
  • are you sending information for all the required fields in Xano? (e.g. leaving a required field empty or with an unknown value in WeWeb may result in an error)

Does that help?

Yesterday Xano was down, I was not able to access my Admin in Xano and endpoints returned errors 500, 400 and more.

I’m doing all of this right, but there are still errors

Are they back up again?

Is it ok if I go in your project and test the workflow? This might create records in your Xano backend if I manage to fix it. Would that be ok?

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Yes. How do I share? I’m still new to all this.

Is this offer still there? I’d like to know why I’m getting the error

Yes, the offer still stands :slight_smile:

Please send me the link to your project in a private message.

Hi @Josh_32 :wave:

It looks like it’s all working now. You should see new test records that I created in your Xano instance. The only two things I saw:

  • the due date variable was unknown (I fixed that for you)
  • there was a “reset variable value” action with no variable selected (you might want to delete that action because it causes an error in the workflow)

Here’s a short video of what I checked in your project, including the two items mentioned above.

Does that help?