Snipcart how to set up air table

Good afternoon! Help me set up the air table correctly for use with snipcart: 1. Should I name the columns based on the snipcart documentation? 2. When I link a shared container to a collection, do I have to link items by ID or can I link elements inside the item right away?

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If you’re unfamiliar with databases or not sure how to organize this one specifically, yes, it could be a great start to follow the example provided by Snipcart or you might look at Airtable templates to see if you find one that’s well-suited to your needs.

In the case of e-commerce, perhaps Airtable’s Product Catalog template would be a good start.

In WeWeb, once you link the Collection List container to a collection, you’ll be able to bind individual items to whatever fields you want to display.

For example, you could bind a text element in WeWeb to a text field in Airtable with the product name and/or you could bind an image element in WeWeb to an image field in Airtable with a photo of the product.

You can see the full process in this video tutorial. The part where we bind individual elements to display the information that’s in Airtable is at 01:09

Does that help? Don’t hesitate to follow up if not! :grinning:

Thanks! I’m not familiar with databases much, I was just wondering exactly how to do it for this scenario. Does the column name in the airtable matter, for example ProductID, ProductID, productid, letter case and name semantics should I take into account what is the correct format for weweb and in particular the snipart plugin and the snipart button? and when I add a snipart button and linked fields what action should I set or is it not required? and further off topic yesterday I also tried to connect to the woo commerce rest api and tested the endpoint in insomia and got a response and there was an error in weweb