Simplest subscription billing / auth stack for SaaS? Auth0, Outseta, Xano, Stripe

Hi all, wondering if you have any advice on the simplest payment/auth stack to accomplish the following basic user flow for a micro SaaS project:

  1. user selects a paid plan (multiple tiers)
  2. user enters credit card and subscribes to monthly billing
  3. user gets invited to make an account
  4. user gets immediate access to all webapp pages

any advice on the lowest effort combination of tools? I don’t need a lot of customization at this stage

I thought Outseta looked like a great combo but does not seem to have any native auth integration like Auth0 or Xano so am a bit nervous

I am currently using airtable for database but likely transitioning to Xano soon


If you use Xano for database and auth you just need to add a payment processor.
Stripe it’s already integrated in weweb. To enable access to the user after payment you can use a webhook on xano (see Stripe Secure Webhook — Xano Community)

many thanks Dorilama.
do you ever see the need for an additional tool to manage subscription management/billing portal?