Sharing projects

Hi all. I’ve been thinking if there is a way to share / transfer projects between account? Or would this be a feature request? The reason I’m thinking is that we could share templates / designs between each other without the need to create a custom section (as this would be a project, not just a section), which would enable fellow Nocoders to create designs / templates and share it with the community. I’m thinking it would be under “create project” templates.

This answers my question @Joyce :slight_smile:

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Hi @Edward :wave:

The ability to share / transfer projects between accounts would be a feature request.

That said:
1- if you are doing freelance work and need to transfer a project to your client’s workspace, we can handle that for you. Just reach out to us in the chat :slight_smile:

2- we are working on a marketplace to allow users to share designs and plugins but it’s not ready yet.

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