Templates for landing pages


Just getting started with the WeWeb as the front-end platform for my SaaS offering and was trying to figure out an easy way of doing a standard landing page.

Doesn’t seem to be anything that covers the standard landing page in the templates.

Essentially looking for something like those shown in Bubble marketplace (e.g. http://saas-block.bubbleapps.io/) or from Webflow templates (e.g. Saasly - SaaS HTML5 Responsive Website Template).

Realise that WeWeb hasn’t been around as long, but any ideas around an easy way of adapting something rather than starting from scratch? Anything in the pipeline directly from WeWeb if not?



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Hi @Nick_AMS :wave:

We’re working on a marketplace to make more templates available and shareable by other users but it’s not available yet :slight_smile:

In the meantime, you can choose among 5 templates to get started:

The “Basic Layout” template has all the basic pages and elements you need to get started like Signup, Login, List of items, selected items.

The “Dashboard” template is the most complete with a lot of elements you can re-use throughout your projects.

However, it’s a bit resource heavy so we recommend having it in your workspace and using its elements in another project that you would start from scratch.

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