Setting up OAuth authentication with Hubspot

Hi there,
I’m new to No code solutions, even though I’ve been coding / futzing around with HTML for the better part of 30 years :smiley:
For my company, I’m trying to setup a dashboard that will gather data from our CRM (Hubspot) and some internal apps.
Right now, in order to gather data from the CRM, i have to connect weweb to an “App” in Hubspot that will handle authentication through OAuth.
I’m not really sure how to handle this, since the authentication settings in Hubspot seem to rely on a client id / secret combination, and what I see in WeWeb requires token access / refresh URLS.

Has anybody had any success connecting WeWeb with Hubspot? Any pointers would be great!


Are you trying to connect to Hubspot through a public app and the OAuth flow?

If it is for an internal tool intended for use by a single Hubspot account you can use a private app and just add the access token in the header of your rest api calls.

For the public app Oauth flow you should be able to set it up with following Hubspot docs for Oauth.
Client id and secret are needed for creating the authorization url (you can create it also in the settings of your app on hubspot).
Then, on successful redirect to your app, you need to request the access token with the rest api and the code (this should be done on your backend because it also requires client id and secret).
Then you can store the token with the “store token” action of weweb OAuth plugin.
Now you have the token to use in your api calls.
Ideally on your backend you set up an endpoint for requesting the token, one for requesting user data and one for requesting the refresh token. In this way you can just follow the hubspot docs and the weweb docs for the OAuth flow.

Hope this will help.