Oauth2 datasource


I would like to connect with the API from Zoho Creator but they use OAuth2 authentication. I can’t find any documentation if and how you can manage these access tokens in WeWeb. The access token should be refreshed every hour and stored globally in the application. Is it possible to connect with an API using OAuth2?

Hi @marciano_antonacci :wave:

Can you tell us more about your use case? For example, will users need to be logged in to your app to access specific data based on a user role?

From what I can see in Zoho’s documentation, you can pass a token in the authorization header when making an API call.

If you use the token-based auth plugin to authenticate users of your app, you’ll be able to use the token as a variable in your API call to Zoho. In that plugin, you have the option to include a refresh token endpoint.

Does that help?


No authentication is necessary for the application. We just want to collect the data from Zoho and this is the same for all users. All users also use the same Authorization token for the API calls. I just don’t know how to store this token and how to refresh it every hour.