SEO vs dynamic collection problem


I have “magazine” feature in my product where there are posts that should be searchable in google and should have good SEO & tags for each post.

These posts will be added by creators daily and edited/fixed often.

To bind post info to metatags I should use static collections otherwise for dynamic collection I cannot pass “post name” to meta tag so my page for each post cannot even have a unique name…

If I make my collection static then it should be published every time my creator does something.

If I work at the same time on some features and my app is published randomly when I haven’t finished I will have crashes and broken features, as I understand the process.

Can you please help to understand how to continuously build project & not publish it all time when new record is added and to have a good SEO?

Now my app looks useless because I cannot setup my SEO :frowning:
And for non developer the collection type topic looks unclear…

Can you help guys to come up with the best solution @aurelie ?


Have you found the solution to this?
I am coming across similar issue and I think that many people really need the solution to this.
Any help from Weweb team would be appreciated a lot too!

Hey @Jay12 WeWeb team may have a better solution. But a workaround is to use versioning.

You can have multiple versions and merge the versions only when you’re ready to push them live

Got it. Thank you!

Does anyone have update on dynamic SEO feature that Weweb team is working on?

same here + 1