Sending multi-select tags to Airtable

Hi there, I am Barrie. I am having a lot of fun learning this tool, which is providing a great way to prototype a UX for our application.

I am experimenting with writing to Airtable tables. I am using the “Multi select” input within a form. I am having trouble getting Airtable to accept multiple entries. It takes the first tag happily, but not subsequent tags.

Does anyone know which column type in Airtable will accept more than one item from the Multi-select input in WeWeb?


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Hello! :wave:

Have you tried using the “Multi-select” column type in Airtable?

Don’t hesitate to record a short video walking us through your project to help us figure this out for you :slight_smile:

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Thanks @Joyce !

I did try that one without success. I have recorded a short video to show you the steps I am taking. I will send this to you.