Select, Multi-Select (and more): Required?

I’ve noticed that the Select and the Multi-Select controls do not have the ‘Required’ attribute.
My solution for Select is to start with a default value and disable clear/unselecting of values.

Others like the Multi-Select and more you can show/hide a tool tip and trap for values on form submit. Is there a better way to do it then this?

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The required option is a good built in feature by weweb for form submission, however there are several to do this without relying on the built in feature.

Don’t use a submit button, use a normal button, build a workflow that if true/false based on the input value, the form able or unable to submit, you can customize your own form validation and error message this way.

Another is if you use xano, there is a required feature also, where if you POST and the required field isn’t filled, it will return an error, and you can use that for your workflow and build your own error message.