Require single select and date picker fields on form submission

Can you require date and select fields to be required on a form submission?

I’m wondering if I’m missing something obvious, as it looks like these types of fields don’t have a required toggle like a standard text input field.

For example—


Mmmm I’m not sure but I don’t think so. I’ll add it to our list of user suggestions because it would be great to have this uniform for all input elements.

In the meantime, it’ll require a bit more work but you might achieve a similar result using branching or pass through conditions in a workflow.


If a passthrough condition is false, is that an error, or does the workflow just stop? I’m trying to think through the best way to surface a message to the user regarding requiring them to input certain information.

@kevinwasie — I know you have implemented some form validation JavaScript.

Do you have any additional suggestions for this (Ex. “Try to implement JS vs something in the workflow builder”) or would you say to proceed with a conditional workflow?

It’s stopped without an error. Or if it is inside a loop, it stops the loop for this iteration and goes back to the next one.


Thank you, Joyce :+1: