Save Button with Static Collection

I am trying to add a save button to items in a collection list. Ideally, the collection would be static for SEO. Is there a good way to fetch an authenticated user’s saved items from Xano and change the icon on the static collection list item if they have already saved each item?

I have this working with Xano and a dynamic collection list. Would it be better to load the collection list dynamically first to include the user saved info, then link to the static collection page somehow?

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Hi @foliodc ,

I think the best way would be to have a dynamic collection called user's saved items or a userSavedItem property in your user profile.
Then what you can do:

  • Keep your static collection for your list
  • Add a conditional display on you “+” button, like this :point_down:

user's saved items should be an array of ids, something like this: [2,3,51]['id'] is the id of current item

  • Then, you can add a text like “item saved” with the opposite formula. “not” formula is extremely useful for this.

  • You should have something like this

  • Then, you add a workflow to you icon to update the collection or the user profile, depending on where you put the array of saved items.

Tell us is that worked for you!

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