Rick&Morty API tutorial : Where can I find the variable ID?

Hi. Maybe it’s a newbie question, but I can’t see the variable ID as shown in the Rick&Morty API tutorial.
Where can I find it now ?
See image below.
Thx for any help.

Hi @JBDev :wave:

The Rick & Morty API tutorial was recorded before we made the variables available in the formula tab.

You can now find and bind the variables directly in the var tab:

Or the user tab if the variable you are looking for is related to an authenticated user:

Does that help?

Maybe a newbie question : can you just show me how to bind this “characterid” var in a query.
Tried multiple ways, but the character data is not loaded in the queries down the line.
Can’t replicate this timestamp in the video Work with REST API data in WeWeb - YouTube

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Since the Rick & Morty API expects a URL with the character id ad the end, you’ll need to concatenate the URL path with the characterId variable at the end.

There are several ways you can do this.

1- Simply add a + sign in between the URL and the variable:

2- Use the concatenate formula to join the two:

If you hover over the concatenate formula (or any other no-code formula for that matter!), you’ll be able to see how it works:

Just remember to place the URL path in between quotes so the browser recognizes it’s a text (also called string).

You don’t need to place the characterId variable in between quotes because variables of type Query are automatically recognizes as strings:

Does that make sense?