Reset Variable Not Happening

For some reason when I reset/set the value of a variable the variable does not change as shown here

However, when I test the workflow, the variable does get reset.
Plus, the four other values that I reset in the workflow do get reset as expected.

Hi @peteletkemansst,

When you clicked on your button “Add User”, the variable is reset, after that your variable to show the pop-up is set to true. So your pop-up is display

And in your pop-up you have a condition to define your variable hasColIssueSecurity according to the length of your array. Here your array is empty, so the length is less than 1, so it’s normal that your variable is set to true according to this rule

The hasColIssueSecurity variable is only set to true OnChange of the multi-select control.
The first time the popup loads everything is fine.
If you close the dialog and then click “Add User” a second time the value of hasColIssueSecurity changes to true, why is this?
It would appear as though the OnChange event is firing on the second time the dialog loada